Pondicherry Literary Festival 2019

It was a lovely experience at PondyLitFest2019. Well organized, better planned compared to last year, many excellent sessions and had great interactions with many friends and writers. Most of the attendees expressed their concern in so many ways just about how we are going to take our tradition to the next generation. Many many questions were asked again and again in so many ways to express this concern only. Everybody attended had a great urge to protect and hand over our dharma to the future, but puzzled it seems how to achieve it. This fest either might have enlightened them or confused more, whichever is good. 😊 A session on economy (‘Economy: Is $5 Trillion a Mirage?’) registered so many doubts, questions, concerns, criticisms and ideas with Sanjeev Sanyal (Principal Economic Adviser in the Ministry of Finance) which we can never expect to have happened in any other government other than this current BJP government. Arif Muhammad Khan’s session was the best one I would say. Aravindan Neelakandan’s chaired many sessions, he was received a superstar there, I must say all his sessions were very good, in particular the session in which Jataayu and Ganesh participated, ‘Indigenous Traditions: Beyond conservation’. ‘What good, digging up the past?’ session was so informative that I must watch it again to get the whole data submitted there. The past two days were very insightful. Thanks #PLF2019.


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