Gully Boy

Gully Boy. Highly predictable story. But an excellent experience to watch. No wonder why it had a great box office collection. Ranveer Singh, the lady acted as his mother, Alia Bhatt, the actor who appeared as Sher – everybody performed very well. What a change over in Ranveer Singh, simply amazing. Music is awesome. I was remembering AR Rahman for his Petta Rap song and No problem song. All songs in this movie have a close resemblance of those songs what I mentioned above. Santhosh Narayan took this Gana of Chennai to a different level I must agree. Tamil version of Gully Boy if planned, Santhosh Narayan would deliver some great songs I believe. But finding the perfect matching actors might be a difficult one.

Even though the movie revolves around a slum and a Muslim family, not even a single unnecessary attack on India. Tamil film might use this same plot to criticise Indian government I am sure. 🙂


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